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This relief blend Shea Body Frosting features a distinct herbal, earthy and almost medicinal aroma. Best recommended for those with eczema, psoriasis or severe dry skin.

SCENT-SITIVE+ Sale price$21.99

Customer Reviews

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Amanda Gonzalez
Extremely disappointed

Really wanted to love this brand and eventually try every body frosting. Unfortunately the first frosting I ordered was the "scent-sitive". Yeah so much for that. Figured that was safest one to start off with, The scent of the lavender and tea tree is EXTREMELY overwhelming and overpowering. I'm not one to be sensitive to smells and things of that nature. I'm also not one to leave bad reviews at all but it's actually kind of disgusting how overbearing this scent is on my body. I also broke out in little hives on my chest immediately after applying this body frosting. This batch was definitely made with WAY too much essential oil and its a shame because I really wanted to love this brand. My jar also arrived all dinged up. Not completely the companies fault, these shipping companies don't care about people's packages but buttersoft essentials should atleast wrap their products in a layer of bubble wrap to aide in some protection. I'm more so upset at the indisputable over use of essential oil that was used for this batch. Extremely disappointed $45 wasted when this product had so much potential.

Hello, Thank you for sharing your transparent feedback!

Please rest assured that SCENT-TIVE+ is consistently formulated with the safest percentage level of usage for essential oils. While the product features an effective blend of essential oils, which carry a distinct herbal, earthy, and almost medicinal scent as outlined in the fragrance description, we understand that the smell may not be suitable for everyone. For the safety of all customers, it is recommended on each product page to perform a skin patch test on a small area of the body before applying the product to an entire area.

For future consideration, our Fragrance-Free product option is 'SCENT-TIVE', which contains no essential or fragrance oils.

Thank you again for supporting ButterSoft Essentials!

Baby butter

My daughters eczema battle started at just a month old. I went to the doctor and got prescribed hydrocortisone cream. Big mistake—not only did it not do anything, I felt like it was only feeding the eczema because it began to spread and she would itch nonstop. Then I tried this beauty…babyyy. Her skin is smooth! Just look at the before and after, Thank you ButterSoft!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this transparent review, and for sharing your results!

Rashida Leacock
Miracle whip butter

My daughter had a severe rash on each of her inner thighs to the point that it even was giving a dark discoloration sort of like how eczema appears on some people. I've tried hydrocortisone, tea tree, neem oil and none of them gave any signs of hope that it was working. During the Black Friday sale I bumped into this Scent-sitive+ Butter and babyyy after about 3 days I was seeing a slight difference and after two weeks it almost cleared up! This right here is the truth! I was super close to taking my baby to a dermatologist but now with this miracle whipped butter, I don't have to. Thank you for this ButterSoft Bae!!!

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review!

Still in line

Haven’t used this particular one as of yet but I’m sure it won’t disappoint for the winter and colder months.

You skin will thank you!!!

My skin is not dry especially in the winter. I use the Scent-sitive soap along with it.