Welcome to the BSE family!

Christine, is the woman behind the luxurious, self-care lifestyle brand, ButterSoft Essentials. A Brooklyn native, I developed a line of opulent, plant-based, handmade products-dedicated to lovers of all things self-care; individuals who live for the smell and feel goods. As an intentional, bold, and resilient Black woman, I pride myself on my brand’s ability to intertwine confidence with the importance of self-care. Being highly cognizant of how crucial it is for all, to create the space and budget to invest in personal forms of pampering, outside of the constraints of their daily routines. Throughout womanhood, I came to realize the value in fostering and maintaining exceptional mental, spiritual, and physical hygiene to show up as my best self, always. 

My personal journey began in childhood—with a near death experience almost drowning while on a school trip.With a plethora of justification, I became terrified of water, however—through the highs and lows of adulthood, I began to find solace in taking showers, transforming my deepest insecurity into a place of healing and intention. This realization propelled me to birth ‘ButterSoft Bae’.

I am passionate about supporting my customers to become improved, healthier versions of themselves, promoting self-awareness and self-adoration through intentional cleansing and moisturizing—superseding the care level of other 21st century ‘self-care’ brands. My goal is for men, women, and youth alike to view routine showers and physical hygiene practices as more than ‘just another thing to do,’ and learn to take time to unpack, unravel and ‘essentially,’ focus on being present with self. 


My confidence in who I am stems from my mental strength. No one can infiltrate my mind but me and I make conscious choices to treat myself well, in all ways possible. Taking care of my mind has benefited me exponentially and has been a catalyst to intentionally nurturing my physical well-being. Shower Therapy is such an underrated form of self-care. It’s in the shower that we are our truest selves. We can tear down our walls and take off our masks. We can cry, and be vulnerable. Self-care starts in the mind and everything else follows. It’s a priority—not a chore.”Founder + Owner, Christine W.