ButterSoft Essentials is a Black Woman Owned, all natural self-care essentials brand based in Brooklyn, NY.

Meet ButterSoftBae™, A caramel complexioned curvaceous beauty. She is a curator and lover of all things natural. The butter churn she holds is similar to the old fashioned one used to turn cream into butter. Providing you with the most natural feel and authentic form of whipped body butter. Her name inspired our signature whipped body frosting ‘ButterSoft Bae™’, which is made with a soft and relaxing Vanilla Lavender scent. 

Curated with plant based and chemical free ingredients; my products are purposefully handmade for women, men and children to enhance your vibe through shower therapy & elevate your confidence to influence more self-love.


“As a self-care influencer, the purpose behind my brand is to help you feel the very best about YOU through routined self-care. #TreatYaSelf 💛”

CEO & Creator,

-Christine W.