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BSE Exfoliating Sisal Washcloths [2-Pack]

Sale price$9.99

Our BSE Exfoliating Washcloths are a more full-coverage alternative to the BSE Soap Bag. Showering with these washcloths helps to gently remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, revive dull skin, + promote healthy skin tone. For best results, after use apply your favorite BSE Whipped Body Frosting.



Each washcloth is woven with 100% natural sisal leaves derived from the agave plant, plus:

  • Great for a gentle exfoliation, allowing your body care products to penetrate deeper.
  • Increases lather while decreasing the amount of soap needed during your shower. 
  • Uniquely constructed with dual sides; one rugged side for exfoliation + a smooth side for everyday bathing.
  • Designed with a finger loop to conveniently scrub the harder to reach areas such as the back, without slip.
  • Firm enough to be used on the body, yet gentle enough for the face.



Approximately 13”x13”

BSE Exfoliating Sisal Washcloths [2-Pack]
BSE Exfoliating Sisal Washcloths [2-Pack] Sale price$9.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Tati P
I’m obsessed!

My skin is so smooth!! I have usually used exfoliating gloves but I recently found out that those are supposed to be one time use since they hold bacteria. This is the perfect alternative because it’s machine washable and so gentle that I can use it everyday. Plus it comes it a set of two so once I replace this first one in 2-3 months, I have another 2-3 months before I need to get another set (although I’m pretty sure I’m going to stock up before they sell out lol). Highhhlyyyyy recommend


This washcloth really helps with exfoliating my skin especially my underarms

ariana gonzalez
Absolute favorite!!

Love how well this exfoliates! I always end up feeling so clean and refreshed afterwards, obsessed!! I like the extra surface area compared to the pouch (which is also a great option!).

I love it !

My sister gave me this washcloth over a year ago. I used it for the first time late last year and I love it ! I wish I had started using it sooner. I took it back home (St. Lucia)with me last December and forgot it there. Fast forward...I went back home last week and my Granny said that washcloth you left is the best thing ever ! She said this washcloth does the job. We both hate soft washcloths so the exfoliating washcloth is perfect. I'm gonna buy her 2 right now.

Jennifer F.
The best washcloth I have ever purchased!

I have had plenty of washcloths in my life but none like this. It has an exfoliating side and a soft side that are both amazing. It cleanses my skin helping me remove all the dirt from working. Then, the fact that I'm able to put the loop around my finger, and wrap it around my back?! I have never felt so clean being able to reach every area of my back. And it comes as 2 in a pack...just take my money cause I will never use another washcloth again! I highly recommend everyone to have this in their shower.