My hands tend to get very dry during the day. I’m either baking, cleaning or doing the dishes. PLUS I am always crocheting. Now that I have been using ButterSoft Essentials products I have seen drastic changes. My hands are so much smoother and softer. Even my cuticles are looking much healthier. I urge you all to “invest” in these little “miracles.” You won’t be disappointed.

Denise C.

This has got to be the absolute best Shea butter I’ve ever used. I’m lazy and I didn’t have to break piece off and rub it til it melted. I'm hype...I’m gonna need some business cards from you so when I get on planes I could leave this wherever I go. I thank you and I appreciate you. I’m about to make it a habit with my ButterSoft Baby Butter smelling a**.

Melika J.

Girl I love your product. I can’t wait to purchase more. I definitely feel so moisturized and I really love the way it smells and make my skin feel. You got a gem on your hands seriously. It’s taking away my dark spots. I wasn’t going to tell you yet until I reached a month to be sure but girl I noticed a difference in like a week. I use it everyday on my face lol and body. So proud to be using your products. ❤️.

Brittany M.

Finally found a product that’s not too heavy on my beard. Keeps my beard fresh and moisturize the whole day. I’ll recommend this any day if the week.. thank you once again. I’ll be sure to re up once I’m done.

Richard J.

I have been battling with my baby girl eczema since the day she was born shes 5 now .. I've noticed it tends to flare up around the winter seasons. her skin would be itchy, red , inflamed and extra scaly.. I've been using Naked with the Essential Oil Healing Blend from butter soft essentials for over a month now and I must say I'am beyond happy with the results .. WAY less bumps, NO more scratching and WAY more moisture. 🤗


Ivelise A.