Show•er Ther•a•py

ˈshau̇(-ə)r ˈther-ə-pē (noun):
More than just cleansing and hygiene. It’s your time to self-reflect, while washing away all stress and negative thoughts. A personal moment to envision your highest self. The most important part of your day, whether it’s at late nights or early mornings.


Buttersoft Bae

A caramel complexioned curvaceous beauty, and lover of all things self-care. The butter churn she holds is similar to the old fashioned one used to turn cream into butter. Providing you with the most natural feel and authentic form of whipped body butter. Her name inspired our signature whipped body frosting ‘ButterSoft Bae’, which is a very subtle + relaxing Vanilla Lavender scent. It's formulated with a blend of fresh lavender, a hint of vanilla bean and patchouli.

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